Free Time? What’s Free Time?

One of the biggest adjustments for me since becoming a mom was the major shift in the amount free time I have now compared to before. I had no idea how hard juggling everyday tasks and maintaining relationships would be after my son was born. I was one of those people that thought, “my baby is going to be independent and I’m going to be able to get stuff done while he plays contently in his play pen.”

Well, that has not happened. Maybe as he gets older this will come, but right now Leo is so active and there is never a moment to sit still. While this really is a fun stage, I’m always SO overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. Time is stretched so thin and while I wouldn’t trade these days with my son for anything in the world, I sometimes miss the carefree life I once lived. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?

I think most moms can relate to the turbo speed mode we go into when our babies nap and the guilt and stress we feel about everything that’s left unaccomplished. Sometimes, though, we need this very important reminder: if the only thing you did today was care for your baby, you did it all!

On the days when you didn’t get anything done, but your baby is loved and cared for, give yourself a pat on the back, Mama, because that alone is an accomplishment to be proud of. 🤍

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