Weekend Whirlwind

This past weekend was stressful, to say the least.

At 12:30 AM on Sunday, November 6th our power went out due to a storm. It was supposed to bring a lot of snow, but instead brought extremely high gusts of wind and lots of rain with a little snow here and there.

My husband had to be up at 4:30 AM to get ready for work, so it would just be Ellie and me for the day. Well, as soon as the power went out Ellie woke up because the noise machine was no longer playing her soothing wave sounds. So I stumbled my way into her room and brought her back into ours. She took FOREVER to go back to sleep and ended up waking up almost every hour because the dogs were moving around and all we had was white noise on our phones to drown out anything that could potentially wake her up.

7 am came, we were up, and the house was 58 degrees and dropping. Ellie was pretty cold despite me having her in several layers and we still had no indication of when our power would be restored. I decided that it may be best to spend the day at my sister-in-law's house. So I packed our things (a lot of stuff for Ellie just in case) and got us ready to leave only to then be met with an inability to get my car out of the garage 🤦🏼‍♀️. I didn’t even think about this while I was rushing around trying to get us out of a cold house!

So now we had to wait to have my sister-in-law pick us up. Thankfully, we had somewhere to go. It was time for Ellie’s first nap shortly after arriving and for some reason, she decided it was time to boycott this nap. I will admit the room we were in was fairly bright and it was a new and exciting space for my 7.5-month-old, so how could she resist?

She thought it was playtime for a bit and then decided to scream hysterically for over an hour.

By the time I got her to sleep it had been over 4 hours of wake time; she and I were both a hot mess! I held her during her nap in hopes that she would catch up on the sleep she lost only to realize halfway through (after my stomach growled so loud it startled her) that I hadn't even eaten all day and it was already past noon.

This was taken after I finally got Ellie done for a nap. I was exhausted and really hungry.

Thankfully, in terms of Ellie, the rest of the day went smoothly. 6 PM rolled around and it was time for my husband to get off shift from the fire station. We still had no power and now he had to go to the house and meet his dad to see if we could get our furnace going on the generator so we could sleep at home.

After several attempts, they had no luck and it was time for Plan B. I guess the three of us and our three dogs were going to sleep at my sister-in-law's 2 bedroom place with her and her two boys. We are extremely grateful for her generosity because at this point our house was 50 degrees and there was no way I was bringing Ellie back there!

Tyler graciously rushed to pack everything for us, including the dogs, and made his way over to his sister's so I could get Ellie to bed despite her being up for an hour past bedtime. Our power was thankfully restored mid-day on Monday despite them estimating a restoration time of Wednesday afternoon.

When I reflect back on this situation I realize how different things would have been if it was just me without Ellie. I probably would have stayed home and curled up in blankets until it got too cold for me to handle. I would have probably sat there anxious and festering about everything in the fridge and not having hot water and thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong with the house, but instead my only focus was Ellie and making sure she was warm, comfortable, fed, and happy; once those things were accomplished nothing else really mattered.

Stepping into this new role as a mom has often brought about an increased level of stress and anxiety about things I had never dreamed of worrying about, but it has also resulted in a huge shift in my priorities and my mindset. At that moment, I needed to do what was best for my daughter even if it meant sacrificing a shower, a meal, staying in my own home, etc. When it came down to the nitty-gritty none of that stuff really matters.

My mama bear mode turned on and it was time to figure out a plan.

I am grateful for Ellie in so many different ways it’s not possible to even list them all, but at this moment I have realized that I am grateful for her presence in my life because it has helped me (at times) not sweat the small stuff. She reminds me on a daily basis that certain things that I use to ruminate over are just no longer important. She has shifted my mindset and my thought processing for the better and for that I am so lucky.

Being a mom isn’t easy - it challenges us to dig deep at times and do our best in that given moment. We do the best we can when we can and in reality, this is what being a mom is all about. It’s not about perfection, but instead about our ability to adapt to the situation at hand and still come out with our heads held high regardless of how hard it was to get there.

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