My Car Seat Recommendations

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

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So, I did some research before picking car seats for Ellie - there were so many options, but I knew I wanted something safe that was good quality and came with a trusted brand name but wasn't super fancy.

Chicco Key Fit 30

The first seat we used for Ellie was obviously her infant seat. At the time, I picked this one because of the amazing rating and the great stroller-seat-combo. Little did I know this is one of the seats rated for babies 4lbs and up which is exactly what we needed given Ellie was under 5lbs when we left the hospital. If we had not had a seat rated for her weight we would have had to purchase another one before leaving the hospital 😱. The Chicco Key Fit 30 was super easy to install, kept Ellie safe and snug, and was very easy to get in and out of my car. I also don’t have a ton of room between the front and back seats in my rav4 and this fit perfectly!

BONUS: The stroller system it came with is also amazing! Soooo easy to set up and take down - you only need one hand! It features a removable seat for easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier for the Chicco Key Fit 30 seat.

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

The second seat we have was well worth the money. We caught it when it was $100 off, which is a huge deal! This seat works from infancy all the way up to 120lbs. It has 4 modes and is so easy to install and use. We actually bought this seat first and installed it in my husband's truck in case he needed to take Ellie anywhere himself. Recently, we actually ended up ordering a second one for my car now that Ellie is about to outgrow the infant seat (which I can’t exactly wrap my head around 😫).

And guess what….as soon as we installed it, Ellie threw up all over herself and the seat, so we were able to test out how easy it was to take apart and wash and it lives up to its description - thank goodness we could wash everything! Although this seat is a little pricey, it is going to last us up until Ellie no longer needs to be in a backless booster and that is amazing and so convenient!

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